Add to Cart Button Pro for WooCommerce’ allows users to customize the ‘Add to Cart’ button of their WooCommerce website as they want.

All the possible features of the Add to Cart button are available in this plugin. A user can easily change the text to anything he wants like ‘Drop to Cart’, ‘Put to Basket’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Keep in Bag’, etc. A user can customize the button’s design from the backend Dashboard easily and seperately for the shop page and product page.

Regular button feature

  • Different Text Changing Options for-
    • Simple Products
    • Grouped Products
    • Variable Products
    • Affiliate Products
    • Booking Products
  • Different Text Changing Options on-
    • Shop page
    • Sigle page
  • Different configuring Options for button on-
    • Shop page
    • Sigle page
  • Adding an icon with Add to Cart button
  • Use 500+ Google Fonts in the button text.
  • All the Typography Feature to stylize the text.
  • Defining custom width-height for the button
  • 8 different border styles and unlimited colors
  • Border Radius Features to reshape the button
  • Margin and Padding features to set offset
  • Nice Transition effects to look it smooth.

Sticky button features

  • Setting the Sticky Button Status-
    • Show
    • Hide
    • Show Only Mobile
  • Setting the Quantity, Variations, and Group Tables Status-
    • Show
    • Hide
  • Replacing the text with own words
  • Hundreds of icons to add and align.
  • Custom width-height feature
  • Setting custom Screen size for mobile
  • Placing the button in different positions.
  • Other usual features are:
    • Margin
    • Padding
    • Typography
    • Text color
    • Background color
    • Border
    • Border color
    • Border Radius
    • Transition effect


After installing the plugin, the options will be found under the ‘Dashboard→WooCommerce→Add to Cart Button’ menu.

It is easy to install and operate. If you face any issues, don’t hesitate to inform us. We are always ready to hear from you.