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Airtifact – Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme, following our efforts to help creatives in their sites making, is a way for designers, developers and users to have a creative experience with WordPress. A Portfolio website tool to highlight your most important content and projects.

Artifacts have been with human beings during ages, helping to build the most exciting objects and tools for developing collectively and to grow as communities. In this way, your work deserves new & original ways to communicate with your audience as well. To achieve this aim you need a complete tool for helping you to build and to develop your own community and audience. Because of this reason, we are pleased to introduce you Airtifact Portfolio Theme.

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Complete features list

  • Responsive, of course
  • AJAX driven theme. You can disable this feature with a single click in the panel.
  • Two different navigations. A regular one and a compact one.
  • Unique & lightweight custom content builder. You can create very creative layouts to display your projects in a very easy way. No bloated code, no unnecessary elements or components.
  • WordPress Customizer ready
  • Packery, Isotope & masonry layouts
  • Lazy Loading to help controlling ‘infinite scroll’
  • Regular pagination
  • Cool filtering method for your project items
  • Multiple portfolio pages
  • Two different blog styles – ‘Minimal’ & ‘Magazine’ (notice that only one style is possible, we tweak the demo to show you both)
  • Custom fullscreen backgrounds for each project and section. With unique features.
  • Hero sliders and self hosted videos
  • Google fonts library
  • Easy method for you to implement your own Custom fonts
  • Fully customizable portfolio pages. Color schemes and heroes.
  • Adaptive fonts that will respond to the browser size and will perfectly adapt to each device. Try the demo in different devices to check this out. You always can adjust these sizes by hand using the content editor. Adjust the sizes for your text, fonts, colors. Combinations are unlimited.
  • Localization ready
  • RTL support
  • Touch gestures and keyboard support for sliders
  • Install Wizard that will guide you when first installing the theme and required plugins. A very easy and fast way for you to start creating your brand new website in minutes. Including dummy contents based in the demo layouts. Just have into account that images will be replaced by placeholders, of course.
  • Calafaters: As Airtifact and Calafate are our firsts themes powered by our custom framework, you can change your current site with easy just by changing between our themes. You’ll need simply adjust some options within the option’s panel. Take all the advantage from our lightweight framework.

Outstanding Customer Support

We usually answer support queries between 24-48hrs during business hours (9:00h-18:00h

The dashboard and Ticksy, our ticketing system, are checked regularly for the most up to date queries. In the meantime check if your query has been asked before, and have a look at the FAQs.

Support tasks should be about the theme itself.
Support does not include customizations requirements specific to your website.
If you have any questions prior to purchase before, please do not hesitate to contact.

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v1.1.3.3 // updated: Jun 14 · 2019

  • Fixed an issue with the covers page
  • Added latest version of ACF plugin in the package

v1.1.3.2 // updated: May 17 · 2019

  • Fixed an issue related to image custom sizing
  • Fixed an issue related to sliders with captions

v1.1.3.1 // updated: Apr 30 · 2019

  • Fixed bug with portfolio & fancybox gallery
  • Fixed bug with self-hosted videos black empty square

v1.1.3 // updated: Apr 24 · 2019

  • Improved self hosted videos functionality
  • Added the option to disable loading animations
  • Fixed some other visual issues

v1.1.2 // updated: Mar 11 · 2019

  • Fixed some translating issues in the theme
  • Updated latest version of ACF plugin in the package
  • Updated the portfolio shortcode with the `tag`, `orderby`, `order` & `include`
  • Done some mobile visual improvements

v1.1.1 // updated: Feb 8 · 2019

  • Added shortcode support in the footer
  • Updated Airtifact plugins that fix some translation issues
  • Fixed some other visual bugs

v1.1.0 // updated: Jan 18 · 2019

  • Added a new ‘gallery’ page template. Now you can create complete ‘in-item’ galleries.
  • Added an option for lightbox gallery projects.
  • Improved lightbox design and general functionality.

v1.0.8 // updated: Jan 11 · 2019

  • Fixed an issue related with secondary Google Fonts

v1.0.7 // updated: Dec 20 · 2018

  • Added the option for cascading dropdown menus
  • Added latest version of ACF plugin in the package
  • Fixed various minor issues

v1.0.6 // updated: Nov 29 · 2018

  • WordPress 5.0 Ready
  • Added new Font Manager
  • Fixed various minor issues

v1.0.5 // updated: Nov 14 · 2018

  • Added latest version of ACF plugin in the package
  • Fixed various minor issues

v1.0.4 // updated: Oct 26 · 2018

  • Fixed some bugs related to the blog & portfolio shortcodes
  • Fixed an issue with lazy loading of images in IE11
  • Fixed portfolio archives page

v1.0.3 // updated: Oct 09 · 2018

  • Added link/CTA support for hero slider captions
  • Extended option for hiding the footer. Now you can choose from portfolio or post pages separately.
  • Fixed a few other minor visual issues

v1.0.2 // updated: Sep 28 · 2018

  • Added styling for hero header captions
  • Added support for inner columns
  • Added IBM Plex font family
  • Fixed some visual issues

v1.0.1 // updated: Sep 19 · 2018

  • Fixed custom blog author card issues
  • Fixed hero slider autoplay bug
  • Fixed some minor visual bugs
  • Improved global width settings when importing

v1.0.0 // theme release: Sep 16 · 2018


A special big ‘THANK YOU!’ for those talented artists and creatives that provided us with some of their amazing pieces to illustrate Artifact Portfolio Creative WordPress Theme.

  • Brian Liu
  • Amateur
  • Laura Benhini
  • Horacio Lorente
  • Stephanie Falaschetti
  • David Romero
  • Alexandra de Assunçao
  • Perry Rowe
  • Afroditi Constantinou
  • Florencia Torres
  • Yuschav Arly

Main font used in the demo is a SIL/Free to use font that loads by default with the theme. Both fonts used in the demo are from Hanken Design ( Grazie mille for all the support, Alfredo!

In the demo you’ll find ‘Orkney’ in body texts and ‘HK Kontrast’ for headings and display. Notice that this last stunning font is premium, and you can get it for just $10 dollars from Hanken, here. When you’ll install the demo this typeface will be replaced by ‘Bagnard’. Of course, you have the Google Fonts Library available and the methods for you to install your own custom fonts right there in the theme dashboard tools.

IMPORTANT: Images used to illustrate the demo are copyrighted by its owners. The illustrators & designers mentioned above. In no way, any of these images are included on the final package you download from Themeforest. They are only used for demonstration proposals. When you will first install the theme, all the images will be replaced by placeholders.

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