Universal Interactive Image Map plugin for:

  • Classic SVG Maps
  • Templates with dynamic values from Data Base (single table, any columns)

Also can be used for presentation with availability map (selling or renting):

  • Apartment Complex
  • Apartment Community
  • Business Center
  • Real Estate Auction
  • Office Space for Rent
  • Lot Sales Map
  • Residence Complex

Video Tutorials

Main features

  • Template builder with custom SVG-map
  • Many styles settings (colors, fonts, borders etc.)
  • Custom fields with SUM and COUNT functions
  • Custom user filters
  • Backend apartments management (add, edit, availability)
  • Comments history for apartment (simple CRM)
  • Polygone Hover Tabs
  • Polygone Hover Tooltips
  • Polygone Click Popups
  • Polygone Click Redirect
  • Admin Columns plugin compatible
  • Advanced Custom Fields plugin compatible

Availability Image Map with SVG Map Builder - 1