Distinctive Popups is a powerful popup builder which lets you create cool modal popups with ease.

Using Distinctive Popups you can create any from a simple welcome message, to modal login boxes and more. Want to have a popup appears when the user visits a page? No problem! How about manually triggering a popup to appear when clicking a menu item (or any link you can add a class to)? Yep, the plugin can do that too!

You can make a modal from any content you wish, using the standard WP post editor you have control of the content so you can use any shortcodes etc as you wish.

As a bonus feature, Distinctive Popups also offers basic tracking for each pop too – allowing you to track how many times the popup has been closed as well as how many times a link in the popup has been clicked – awesome!

Want to see how it works? Check out this video overview.

With each modal you can do the following

  • Select one of 3 available positions for the popup to appear.
  • Choose your desired entry animation and exit animation.
  • Apply a background image which you can set to a variety of styles.
  • Have you modal appears on all pages, or only where you place the shortcode, and more.