– Version: 1.2.2
– Last update: 02/02/2020
– Files Included: Full Working App Source Code
– This is Exclusive Product Licence from Envato.

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FluxNews is an app that does magic for your website by converting your WordPress website into a mobile true native app with customized contents within a fillip.

What is “customized content”? FluxNews transfers exactly all contents with different formats that you created in WordPress website into your mobile app without any coding skill and development time. To engage with customers in mobile, we need mobile app. FluxNews maximizes your customer’s experience and usability through UX flow in both Android and iOs.

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Features availables

Compatible with any WordPress site – the app is used the default Rest API from WordPress to synchronize both sides from Website to Mobile app and vice versa

Great UX design smooth home page and post navigation, varies built-int Flutter widget, quick blogs filter, searching keyword history…

Flexible Design System – easy to config the homepage, category, Blog with a bunch of built-in components: Banner Slider, Banner Grouping, multi-columns Blog view…

Powerful User Setting – the ability to enable the push notification, view wishlist, rate the app on app stores, Dark themes, Smart Chat setting, switching languages

Push notification – via Firebase and history messages is supported

Google Analytics – easy to track the user online and number of registration via Firebase as the realtime

Easy Customization and While-labeling – support fully custom by getting the full source code package, design assets, free extra API.

Offline Images Caching – speed up the loading performance with caching image offline method.

Easy Registration – support social Login, SMS Login by Facebook Account Kit, option to active the Guest checkout

Instance Synchronization – from mobile to the server and vice versa, the data will be updated smoothly without waiting for time.

60 frames per second (fps) app – working really well on both iOS and Android with support with

Support Smart Chat integrate with realtime Firebase, works with any Chat app like Messenger, WeChat, Whataspp… and also support the Intercom service.

3 type of Blog Detail screens – change to difference sexy blog detail news via config file.

Multi-Languages – support to switch to any languages and easy to add your own Languages, also Right To Left (RTL) languages.

Powerful Option Config – to enable Guest Checkout, Require Login, Hero anmiation.

DeepLink – support for both ios and android, to help to reach to your app easier via another outside channel, such as route the user from website to open your app.

What is the scope of supporting?

  • We support and ensure the features work as above product’s describe by using our pre-config website from github
  • For Regular License: we do not support for setting up the Development environment, nor the integration issues, example integrate with existing website and have issues xyz, please refer to our pre-config website from github
  • and the above features index.

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version 1.2.2 – 02 Feb 2020

1. Update - fix cagory image issue
2. Update - minor bug fix and update latest libraries

version 1.2.1 – 01 Jan 2020

1. Update - fix featureImage issue
2. Update - update mstore-api WordPress plugin to 2.0 (you can remove json-api plugin from now)
3. Update - minor bug fixes

version 1.2.0 – 01 Jan 2020

1. New - add new Firebase SMS Login
2. New - add new Google Login
3. New - add new Apple Sign In
4. New - add new Video Integration (Youtube, Video, Facebook)
5. New - Support Admob & Facebook Ads
6. Update - fix build issue 
7. Update - all latest pubspec libraries
8. Update - a lot of bug fix and performance improvement.
9. Update - compatible with latest Flutter 1.12.x

Happy new year 2020 !!!

version 1.1.0 – 11 Nov 2019

1. Update - fix Sharing Button issues
2. Update - fix build script issues 
3. Update - latest library and minor bug fix

version 1.0.1 – 11 Nov 2019

1. New - support Admob Ads
2. New - support Facebook Ads
3. Update - minor bug fix and performance improvements
4. Update library to support latest Flutter 1.9

version 1.0.0 – 09 Sep 2019

Release first version with powerful features (above description)

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