This plugin has been created to display beautiful and functional filterable masonry grid galleries with minimum configuration effort and without slowing down your page load.

You can change spacing, frames, colors, etc. Unlimited number of galleries with different settings can be used on any page or in posts.

GoGallery enables media images tagging and adds filter menu to each gallery for easy and beautiful sorting. GoGallery is optimized for speed. Configuration is fast and simple.

Squared thumbnails generated automatically on the fly fast and efficient using hardware acceleration so it’s all effortless.



  • Media Tags – Unlike most others Go Gallery let you tag standard Media Library images.
  • ShortCode Driven!
  • ShortCode Generator for Default WP Editor
  • 100% Responsive Masonry Grid – 1-12 columns!
  • Gallery Tag Sort Menu – Tagged images can be filtered by user
  • Caption Effect – Mouse-Over effects on/off
  • Latest Images Added Automatically!
  • Upload and Tag, Non need to edit Gallery, Set and Forget!
  • Multiple Sorting Orders – Latest First, Alphabet, Random, etc.!
  • External Link to Thumbnail – assign video for LightBox or redirect to external URL
  • Unlimited Galleries on Page – Add as much tags and galleries on any page
  • LightBox with Caption
  • SEO friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Well documented and supported

We have added plenty of visual effects, check it out!

Visual Effects DEMO



Version 0.2.3, released DEC 2, 2019:

Initial Release