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Grammar Matters Automatic Grammar Checker Plugin for WordPress

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What Can You Do With This Plugin?

Grammar Matters Automatic Grammar Checker Plugin for WordPress is a breaking edge automatic grammar checker and fixer plugin. It will be able to automatically correct grammar on posts you publish (manually or automatically) on your website. It uses the GrammarBot API (free subscription plan also available – wit a maximum of 250 requests per day).

There are a number of different ways you can use this plugin:

  • Automatically fix grammar on posts you publish manually
  • Automatically check and fix grammar on posts you publish automatically using other plugins (the greatest benefit comes when posts are automatically translated from another language, thus not always grammatically correct)
  • Manually check grammar of posts you already published on your site, in bulk
  • Manually check anf fix grammar of posts individually (using a button from the post edit screen, in WordPress admin)
  • Check and fix grammar on post content and/or title
  • Fix spaces and punctuations in posts

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Testing this plugin

  • You can test the plugin’s functionality using the ‘Test Site Editor’. Here you can try the plugin’s full functionality. Note that the generated testing blog will be deleted automatically after 24 hours.

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Version 1.0 Release Date 2019-12-17

First version released!

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