Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress

Customizable WP navigation mega menu from Grooni authors Crane theme. You’ll get a kick out of menu as you can set any kind of a menu on website. Easy customizable presets from header library. Add widgets, shortcodes into Mega Menu. Mega menu – compatible with best popular builders WPBakery (Visual Composer), new Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver, WPML, WooCommerce

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  • Mega Menu
  • Vertical menu
  • Horizontal menu
  • Off canvas navigation
  • One page menu
  • Hamburger menu
  • Dropdown menu
  • Submenu
  • Sidebar menu
  • Icon menu
  • Sticky menu
  • Fixed menu
  • Ajax Cart
  • WooCommerce mega menu
  • Responsive menu
  • Fullwidth mega menu
  • Mobile menu
  • FAQ

    Q: How to integrate?

    A: It can be integrated both manually and automatically. The automatic integration option is the easiest and in most cases the working way to implement Groovy Menu on your website. The principle of auto integration is that the Groovy Menu plugin will be displayed immediately after the opening HTML tag “body” read more

    Q: How to upload logo?

    A: Please read this article

    Q: What to do if automatic/manual integration not working properly?

    A: Please create a private ticket here describe the problem, attach screenshots and prrovide us admin access to your site, how to create admin user please read here

    Q: Can I insert Groovy Menu as a widget?

    A: No, we don’t have an implementation as a widget.

    Q: Can I use it on a non-WordPress site?

    A: No, Goovy Menu is exclusively for WordPress currently.

    Q: How to implement anchor links navigation with scroll for one page site?

    A: Please read this article

    Q: Which Page Builders are compatible with Groovy menu blocks?

    A: Groovy menu blocks compatible with the following builders:

    • WPBakey Page Builder (ex Visual Composer)
    • Gutenberg
    • Elementor Page Builder
    • SiteOrigin Page Builder
    • Beaver Builder

    Q: Is there an extended license for theme developers?

    A: Yes, you need to purchase an extended licese for that.


    • – dropdown menu below the header
    • – WooCommerce menu
    • – left icons menu
    • – standard menu
    • – centered menu
    • – left sidebar one page menu
    • – store menu
    • – standart left menu
    • – as second wordpress nav menu, sidebar with icons menu
    • – simple anchor navigation, one page menu

    You can send links to your sites where Groovy Mega Menu plugin is used. And you would like to show the result which are you proud of.

    Have a pre sale questions?

    Change log

    Detailed changelog with screenshot and images view here

    Version 1.7.0– April 23, 2019

        - A list of all included Menu blocks in the current page to have straight access to them
        - Woocommerce dropdown text and background color settings
        - The ability to install default icon pack at any time
        - "Custom post types" search functionality. Useful when you have separate post types for example blog posts and woocommerce products. With this setting, you can filter query only exact post type. If Woocommerce search is selected search results will be listed in the theme's Woocommerce search layout
        - For developers. Added 2 filters:
    add_filter( 'groovy_menu_single_post_show_meta_box', '__return_false' ); which hides Groovy menu meta settings
    add_filter( 'groovy_menu_show_admin_bar_link', '__return_false' ); which hides Groovy menu dropdown from the WordPress topbar
        - Dashboard and Menu blocks items in the WordPress admin bar were sometimes changed their places
        - Meta setting overrides were not working in archive pages such as products and posts archive
        - Minimalistic, and Sidebar menu layout issue in RTL languages
        - Missing mbstring PHP module Fatal error
        - White gap showing for a second under the dark header when scrolling to the top of the page
        - Layout issue in Icon and sidebar menu types in between 783px - 1023px viewport view

    Version 1.6.3 – March 16, 2019

    Time to time we release updates that require database updates. When the database update is required the appropriate infobox is shown in the WordPress admin page.  In some cases (very rarely) the update process could freeze. To restart the process and find out the problem we added a special page Groovy Menu debug page. By default, it is hidden since needed only for the support team. The page can be found if you add the /wp-admin/tools.php?page=groovy_menu_debug_page to the URL of the site domain like so

    Version – March 12, 2019

        - Compatibility issue with Ultimate addons and its Google fonts functionality

    Version – February 22, 2019

        - Hotfix: fix JS compatibility error when working with some third-party plugins

    Version – February 21, 2019

        - PHP compatibility up to 7.3.1

    Version 1.6.2 – February 19, 2019

        - Due to WordPress limitation, only settings from one plugin can be shown, but not both simultaneously at Appearance > Menus. This limitation causes inconvenience when using our plugin in conjunction with other plugins, such as "If menu", "Nav Menu Roles" and some WordPress themes that add custom settings there.
        - We added an option that allows toggling visibility of settings between Groovy menu and other plugins in Appearance > Menus. If a plugin or theme is detected which also adds settings to the Appearance > Menus the infobox with the button will be shown. By clicking on the button you can easily switch between settings of the plugins:
        - Compatibility issue with WP security plugin

    Version 1.6.1 – February 9, 2019

    Note. The data update is required for this update
        - Compatibility with Beaver Builder for Menu blocks
        - Compatibility with Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder for Menu blocks
        - Ability to change the [header] tag for menu layout. Now you can choose between [header] and [div]. The setting can be found in the Dashboard > Global Settings > Tools
        - The menu output (markup and all other code) now generated before the formation of the  [HEAD] template.
        - The implementation of the sticky menu appearance. Now it works more smoothly.
        - In autointegration mode, the groovy_menu_js_request function is now called the same as in manual integration, respecting the location of dependent scripts
        - Previously, in the Appearance > Menus for nested elements, we allowed not to display an element, if for navigation labels we set a dash (-) for nested elements.
        - But now we have the setting Do not show the menu item title and a link that does the same, but with all levels not only nested. Therefore, the hyphen functionality was removed to avoid duplication, and the data was transferred to a new parameter.
        - Online library presets
        - Compatibility bug with Elementor Builder
        - The color of the text of the top level menu in the sticky mode is interrupted by the color from the default mode in hover style 1
        - Redundant group_start / group_end values were in json preset
        - Perfect scrollbar sometimes falsely worked for a mega menu
        - The picture for the menu was not displayed on the front background if it was small in size
        - Wrong location of the minicart icon relative to the remaining items in hover style 7
        - Menu canvas and container width setting did not work in some modes
        - Google Font should be called on the head and not on the body.
        - Several minor bugs

    Version – January 19, 2019

        - Fixed bug with opening cart

    Version 1.5.6 – January 16, 2019

    Note. The data update is required for this update
        - Compatibility with  Gutenberg Editor for Menu blocks
        - Menu blocks selection in Appearance > Menus is now more clear without the need of creating a separate custom link for it. Just add menu blocks as any page
        - The behavior of opening dropdown on mobile menu. Before there was no option for top-level dropdown menu items to open a link, only a dropdown was opening. From now on if you set a link for a top-level dropdown menu item it will open a link as expected. Use a caret icon near to the text link to open a dropdown.
        - Several minor bugs

    Version 1.5.5 – January 12, 2019

        - Compatibility with WPML String translation plugin to make available create translations for dynamic fields such as "E-mail address" and "Phone number" fields in menu topbar
        - Lack of full list of Google fonts
        - Several duplicated SQL responses
        - If "Do not show menu item title and link" option from Appearance > Menus was set to On the icon for the title was still shown.
        - An issue with generating preview screenshots for presets in Dashboard
        - The preview screenshot was not deleted when deleting preset
        - Several minor bugs

    Grooni the author Crane Theme