Swift Live Charts

Create stunning charts quickly and easily using the live editor, your own CSV files or sync data from your published Google sheet.


Sample Charts


Live Preview
Preview each chart type LIVE. See what kind of chart displays your data the best. Select the chart type from the dropdown, and it’ll automatically redraw the chart with your chosen chart type.

You can also live preview color changes, X & Y labels, chart sizing, tooltip point type & sizing, and more!

Fully responsive. Simply select your chart height. The width will automatically fill the container that it’s in, no matter the size of the device or browser.

With tons of customization options, you can fully customize your chart to your liking. Customization options such as point types (circle, square, triangle, star, diamond), point size, custom X & Y labels, enable/disable chart animations, enable/disable line curves, enable/disable grid lines, enable/disable legend and legend position, and more!

Set custom data types but adding tags to columns such as [boolean] & [date] for advanced sorting and filtering.

Select your line, fill or dot colors easily. Simply add a new color set which will be used for the data set in your chart. These colors are moveable and fully customizable so you can choose the exact color for each column.

Google Sheets
Integrate your data directly from Google Sheets! Simply publish your sheet for the web and input the URL in the field provided.

The data will automatically be formatted appropriately and available for preview and customize in the chart of your choosing.

CSV Import
Already have your data in a CSV file? Simply import the file and it’ll automatically be inserted into the live editor and update the live chart preview as well.

Large Data Sets
Unlike some other charts plugins, Swift Live Charts can handle thousands of data points without slowing down! Using Googles chart library, data is loaded quickly and optimized whether you have only a few data points or thousands!