Marketo wordpress plugin extension allows you to capture and generate leads (Opt-In), Page and Post Tracking and push data into Marketo Lead Database connect using REST API.

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Marketo Pro Features

  1. Easy and Manageable Extension Settings
  2. Capture Lead Automatically using Contact Form 7 (Opt-In)
  3. Generate Lead Manually using WordPress Custom Post Type
  4. Update and Push to Marketo Lead Database Server
  5. Save Marketo Lead Locally into WordPress Custom Post Type
  6. Leads Listing using WordPress Custom Post Type Table
  7. Pull Marketo List or Programs and Save to Custom Taxonomy
  8. WordPress Post/Page Lead Tracking (Munchkin).
  9. Contact Form 7 Input Tag Generator for Marketo ( Text, Email, Url and Tel … )
  10. Woocommerce Marketo customer captured lead integration (Opt-In)
  11. Woocommerce Marketo tab settings
  12. Woocommerce sales orders Marketo tracking
  13. Woocommerce subscribe to marketo mailing list/program
  14. Contact Form 7 Marketo lead structure management table
  15. Contact Form 7 Marketo list/program management table
  16. Marketo Auto Form Pre-fill

Plugin Demo

Please check Marketo Lite Version for demo

Online Documentation

  1. How to Setup WordPress Marketo Pro for Contact Form 7


Please use the dedicated support section on CodeCanyon.


= 1.5.3 02/04/2019 =
* UPDATE: Implement Enabled/Disabled for the pre-fill forms if the lead is exist
* UPDATE: Marketo Leads UI need to fix the layout
* FIXED: is_wc_endpoint_url() fatal error in tracking_code() module marketo-core.php

= 1.4.2 02/02/2019 =
* UPDATE: Add Marketo Pre-fill leads in the form

= 1.3.2 07/11/2018 =
* UPDATE: Add New Existing Marketo List 
* FIXED: Marketo Get Access Token  
* FIXED: bug switch connecting reference id from term taxonomy id to term id

= 1.2.1 02/3/2018 =
* UPDATE: remove marketo list table 
* UPDATE: create marketo describe db table if is not exist 
* UPDATE: add premium support action links 
* UPDATE: woocommerce customer captured lead integration (opt-in)
* UPDATE: woocommerce marketo tab settings
* UPDATE: woocommerce orders marketo tracking
* UPDATE: woocommerce subscribe to marketo mailing list/program
* UPDATE: marketo lead structure management table
* UPDATE: marketo list/program management table

= 1.1.1 01/07/2018 =
* FIX: WP Database Lead Describe Table error if not exist
* UPDATE: Codecanyon Purchase Code and Support Link

= 1.0.0 01/03/2018 =
* INIT: Initial release version