★★★Rank Player Who have Highest Chicken Dinner Image★★★

PUB G-Chicken Dinner Ranking application is based on the most popular multiplayer video game named “Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG)”. There is more than 5 million people play this video game. The main target to play this game is to win and get a prize. The prize name is “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. The player who gets most Chicken Dinner becomes the ranked player.

When a player gets a winning prize most of the player takes a screenshot of that prize and can upload in this application to show the world how many Chicken Dinner he/she got and the match statistics. The owner of this app can earn profit by using Admob Ad.


  • Latest Admob SDK
  • Sign up/Singn in
  • Top Player List / All Player List
  • Auto Player Ranking
  • Multiple Player Badge
  • Chicken dinner Counting
  • Password change
  • Profile Edit Option
  • Social Profile adding feature
  • Player Chicken Dinner Gallery
  • Google Play Rating button
  • More App Button
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Listview Animation

What you will get:

  • Full Android Studio Source Code
  • Laravel Web Admin Panel


  • AdMob Banner
  • Admob Interstitial Ads


  • You need to have Installed Android Studio on you computer.
  • PHP Version 7


Web Admin Panel: Click Here

password: 123456

App Demo: Click Here