The Seasonal pricing add-on allows you to charge promotional/seasonal pricing for specific date range of any rental product. This enables admin to configure pricing very easily based on different criteria. This is a simple and easy to use add-on perfect for your business if your price changes for peak and off-peak season.

Important: This plugin is an add-on that requires the Woocommerce and RNB-Woocommerce rental & Booking plugin installed and activated.

Step 1:

Install and activate the seasonal pricing (add on)

Step 2:

Navigate to Inventory and you will have the option to set up the seasonal pricing multiplier just like below.
RnB Seasonal Pricing (Add-on) - 1

Step 3:

Set up your seasonal pricing multiplier
RnB Seasonal Pricing (Add-on) - 2

Step 4:

Add the inventory with the product and you are ready to go.
RnB Seasonal Pricing (Add-on) - 3

Front end view:

RnB Seasonal Pricing (Add-on) - 4


v1.0.1 – 19 November 19
 - fix: validation issue
 - update: Working with the latest RNB version 9.0.3
v1.0 – 12 November 19
 - Initial release