School Management is a WordPress plugin to manage multiple schools and their entities such as classes, sections, students, exams, ID cards, admit cards, teachers, staff, fees, invoices, income, expense, noticeboard, study materials and much more.
Payment gateway : Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Pesapal , Paystack

SMS Service Provider : Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91, TextLocal, EBulkSMS

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School Management Admin Demo Login Details:

School Management School Management
Username: userdemo | Pass : userdemo Username: school_admin | Pass: 123456
School Management School Management
Username: student1 | Pass: 123456 Username:teacher | Pass: 123456
School Management School Management
Username: accountant | Pass: 123456 Username: parent1 | Pass: 123456
School Management School Management
Username: receptionist| Pass: 123456 Username: librarian| Pass: 123456

School Management

School Management

School Management

School Management – Education & Learning Management

School Management

School Management Features in Details :

Multi-School Management :-
Add multiple schools, assign admins and classes to each school to manage individual school.

Session Management :-
Create new session and keep all the records of previous sessions.

Manage Classes and Sections :-
Administrators can create classes and assign them to schools. With each class, there can be multiple class sections.

Student Management :-
School admins and staff with necessary permissions can new admissions to school by assigning them admission number, class, section and roll number. Also, for each student record in a session, a new enrollment number is generated automatically.

Inquiries Management :-
Display inquiry form for a school in a page using shortcode. Also, receive inquiries school-wise, add next follow up date and notes for the inquiry.

Student Promotion :-
Promote students to a new class for a new session. This creates a new enrollment of a student for the next session.

Student Transfer :-
Transfer student from one school to another. This also keep track of students transferred to and transferred from the school.

Student Attendance :-
Take the daily attendance of students. Print the attendance sheet of a class. Also, students can view their attendance report in dashboard.

Student Dashboard :-
Students view their fees report, admission details, ID card etc. and pay remaining fees using suitable payment method.

Roles and Permissions :-
Create custom roles like teacher, accountant and assign them necessary permissions as per the role so they are restricted to the management of school entities assigned to them.

Assign School Admins and Staff :-
Multi-School admins assign an administrator to a school. The school administrator can create any number of staff with roles to manage the school.

Noticeboard Widget :-
It has a noticeboard widget that displays notices to the widget section of your website. Here, you can change the number of notices, widget height, and width to incorporate the design of your website.

Distribute Study Materials :-
School staff with the necessary permission can add study materials of classes. These study materials will show up on the student dashboard section, allowing them to download and view the study materials.

Students Home Works :-
School staff and teachers with the necessary permission can add Home Works of classes. These Home Works will show up on the student dashboard section and students get the notification on SMS, Home Works SMS details can be sent on Parents and students Mobile

Automatic Notifications via Email, SMS and Custom Templates :-
Send SMS and email notifications to students at the time of new admissions, fee invoice generation, payment receipts generation etc. SMS providers include Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91 SMS , TextLocal and more.

Exams Management :-
Create exam, add exam papers, exam center, timings, date and room number for single class or multiple classes.

Publish Exam Time Table :-
Option to publish exam time table which will show up on student dashboard or you can use the shortcode to display exam time table on a particular page of your website.

Generate Admit Cards :-
For each exam, generate admit cards for students. Also, publish the admit cards which students can download from student dashboard section.

Accounting Management :-
This include fee invoice generation, fee payment collection, income management and expense management.

Generate Fee Invoices :-
Select students from classes and generate fees invoices in bulk or for a single student. This also supports partial payment collection or one-time payment collection.

Fees Collection Form :-
Display fees collection form on a page using a shortcode which allows students to search their names and view pending fee invoices. Students can pay their fees by using a payment method.

Payments via Stripe, Razorpay, Pesapal :-
Fee payment can be done by using Stripe or Razorpay, Pesapal payment gateway.

Print Fees Invoice and Payment Receipt :-
After adding a fee invoice, it supports the printing of fee invoices. Also, after making a payment, students or staff can print the payment receipt.

Manage Expense and Income :-
Add expense categories and income categories. Add expense and icome date wise for a school.

Student Dashboard :-
In the student dashboard, students can view noticeboard, print their ID cards, view pending fee invoices, make payments and view their payment history. Also, they can download study materials, exam time table, admit cards and much more.

Student Login Widget and Shortcode :-
Student login form can be display on page via shortcode and also you can place login widget on your website.

Update History

  • Ver 4.1 (31 January 2020)

    -Added noticeboard in parent dashboard
    -Export exam results with ranks
    -Added description field in staff detail
    -Added logging feature
  • Ver 4.0 (22 January 2020)

    -Added inquiry settings
    -Added inquiry email and SMS templates for inquisitor and admin
    -Added custom message after inquiry submission
  • Ver 3.9 (20 January 2020)

    -Added multi-selector for assigning classes
    -Added student rank in exam results
    -Export/Import exam results
  • Ver 3.8 (16 January 2020)

    -Updated Infigo Point SMS API
  • Ver 3.7 (13 January 2020)

    -Added staff attendance
    -Added Paytm payment gateway
  • Ver 3.6 (10 January 2020)

    -Added exam results assessment
    -Updated documentation
  • Ver 3.5 (08 January 2019)

    -Improved file upload validation
  • Ver 3.4 (06 January 2019)

    -Added homework section
  • Ver 3.3 (27 December 2019)

    -Added EBulkSMS SMS carrier
  • Ver 3.2 (25 December 2019)

    -Uninstall/Reset bug fixed
  • Ver 3.1 (23 December 2019)

    -Added transport management
  • Ver 3.0 (20 December 2019)

    -Send test email for each template
    -Send test SMS for each template
    -Added paystack payment method
  • Ver 2.9 (13 December 2019)

    -Noticeboard shortcode bug fixed
    -Library books issued quantity bug fixed
  • Ver 2.8 (12 December 2019)

    -Added float value support for obtained marks
  • Ver 2.7 (10 December 2019)

    -Added books issued quantity limit
    -New permission added for viewing payment stats on dashboard
    -Added textlocal SMS provider
    -Minor bugs fixes
  • Ver 2.6 (04 December 2019)
    -Changed expense and income stats by session in dashboard
    -Added library stats in dashboard
    -Documentation updated
  • Ver 2.5 (02 December 2019)
    -Added payment date field when adding offline payment
    -Added students library cards feature
  • Ver 2.4 (28 November 2019)
    -Added settings to show charts on dashboard
    -Added chart.js library for charts
    -Added library management
  • Ver 2.3 (21 November 2019)
    -Added exams stats on the dashboard 
    - Added total fees structure amount
    -  Added monthly admissions and payments charts
    - Added monthly expense and income charts
  • Ver 2.2 (19 November 2019)
    - Added city, state and country fields for students
    - Added search filter for city, state and country
    - New feature: class specific notices
    - Update: Student dashboard design
  • Ver 2.1 (15 November 2019)
    - Bulk import students from CSV file
  • Ver 2.0 (13 November 2019)
    - Improved exam dashboard
    - Added new menu for admit cards and exam results
    - Account settings in student and parent dashboard
    - Added grade criteria for exams
    - Added shortcode for exam results
    - Added shortcode for certificate
  • Ver 1.9 (07 November 2019)
    - Added teacher name in class time table
    - Added new SMS to parents templates
    - Added MsgClub SMS carrier
    - Added exam results management
    - Added Pesapal payment gateway
    - Added Msg91 SMS carrier
    - Added enrollment prefix settings
  • Ver 1.8 (31 October 2019)
    -Added class timetable
  • Ver 1.7 (24 October 2019)
    -Send custom email and SMS to students
    - Improved student dashboard design
    - Added student absent SMS notification to parent
  • Ver 1.6 (21 October 2019)
    - Generate student certificate
  • Ver 1.5 (12 October 2019)
    -Add PayPal payment gateway
    - Minor bug fixes
  • Ver 1.4 (07 October 2019)
    - Print ID cards in bulk
    - Updated documentation
  • Ver 1.3 (01 October 2019)
    -Added fee types
    - Added fee structure for students at the time of admission
    - View student fee structure when creating an invoice
  • Ver 1.2 (28 September 2019)
     - Added print preview.
        - Export student records, inquiries to CSV
        - Export invoices, expenses and income to CSV
        - GDPR compliance for inquiry form    
  • Ver 1.1 (26 September 2019)
     - Improved dashboard design
        - Added parent login and dashboard
        - Added fees shortcode session wise
        - Added exam admit card shortcode
        - Add print preview for ID card
        - Add admission from inquiry
  • Ver 1.0 (23 September 2019)
    - New release