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Getting 1st Position in Google Map.
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Google Search can enable a rich set of features for your page in search results if it understands the content of the page and in some circumstances, if you explicitly provide additional information in the page code using structured data.You can enhance the appearance and coverage of your official website and presence in Search results by first establishing it with Google. By adding structured data markup to your site, you can enable more of your site’s functional and visual elements to appear directly in results and in Knowledge Graph cards. This makes it easier for users to recognize your official site and reach information you provide more easily when they search.

Local Business: Address | Business hours | Contact Details. When users search for businesses on Google Search or Maps, Search results may display a prominent Knowledge Graph card with details about a business that matched the query. When users query for a type of business, such as a restaurant, they may see a carousel of listings hosted by restaurant listing providers.

Corporate Contact Information: Your corporate contact information displayed in the Google Knowledge panel.

Logos: Your organization’s logo in search results and Google Knowledge Graph.

Social Profile Links: Your social profile information displayed on Google Knowledge panels.