Slice is a Responsive jQuery Slider and Carousel Plugin, everything you need in one plugin. In addition to classic horizontal sliders and carousels, it provides fully functional vertical sliders and carousels. Slice provides enourmous amount of options and examples of it, that can fullfill some sophisticated tasks. All options can be set directly in HTML via data attributes in a simple way. Easy extendable and themable, comes with 4 pre-styled themes too choose from and more is comming.

This product includes CSS, HTML and Javascript, it’s not a WordPress plugin.


  • Slider and Carousel
    Two in one product and more is comming.
  • Vertical Sliding
    Fully functional vertical slider and carousel.
  • Slide Everything
    Supports images, textes or HTML content sliding.
  • 50+ Options
    A lot of options to customize your Sliders and Carousels
  • 4 Pre-Styled Themes
    Few themes to choose from and more is comming.
  • 8 ready-to-use examples
    Sliders examples to copy to your site.
  • Data Attributes
    All options can be set directly in HTML.
  • Themable
    Create own themes or quick to use sliders and carousels collections.
  • Slider layers
    Layer system to simplify slider and it’s elements customization.
  • Slide content CSS animation
    Animate you slider content with CSS3 animation.
  • Banner sliders and fullscreen sliders
    Top banner and in-content banner sliders with all set of features at your disposal.
  • Lazy and smart image load
    Load your slider images when they are required.
  • Image cover
    Make your image cover your block nicely and managable.
  • Autosize Slides
    Make slides follow it’s content size.
  • Adaptive Height
    Stick slider height to the current slide.
  • Center View
    Align current slide to the center of your carousel.
  • Stage Paddind
    Make user see part of previous and next slide.
  • Stage Size
    Limit space taken by active slides.
  • Slide Aspect Ratio
    Make slides follow aspect ration you set.
  • Current Slide Size
    Make current slide stand out by makind it smaller or bigger than other slides.
  • Autoplay
    Make slider slide automaticaly.
  • Slides Spacing
    Set space between slides directly with no CSS.
  • Mouse and Touch Draggable
    Dragg or swipe slides freely.
  • Responsive
    Customize slide options for any device size.
  • Modular
    Use only functionality you need.
  • Documentation
    All options are documented and described.
  • Regular Free Updates
    More features, options and themes in future updates.

Future Plans

First big update is out – Slice v1.1!
There will be a serie of mini updates that will include:

  • Documentation – rework and extending
  • Livepreview and demo – rework and extending
  • Image cover – extending with more functionality, example page
  • Slide content CSS animation – extending with more functionality
  • Ready-to-use sliders and carousels – more examples

The purpose of Slice is to provide functionality to create sophisticated sliders and carousels ideas. Here is a few things that are planned for it:

  • Additional themes – in next update.
  • Online slider builder – soon.
  • Connected sliders and carousels – soon.
  • Slides filtration – soon.
  • Tabs-like sliding and filtration – soon.
  • Adaptive width – soon.
  • Slide-size layer – soon.
  • Popup and lightbox slider – soon.
  • Slide popup scale and full view box – soon.
  • Video, music playlist – soon.
  • Slide content CSS animation – more CSS3 animations soon.
  • Have more ideas? – contact us and we might add it.

Also, some ready to use sliders and carousels will be added in next update, and every update, to copy-paste to your website.


  • Bootstrap 4
  • jQuery
  • Animate.css
  • Font Awesome
  • Picabay
  • Pexels


30 January 2020 – Version 1.1.1

  • Added 7 more ready-to-use examples link, link, link, link, link, link, link
  • Added userInactiveClass and userInactiveDelay to customize slider elements, for now it can be used to hide arrows navigation when user is inactive
  • Minor animation and other bug fixes

14 January 2020 – Version 1.1

  • Added slide content CSS animation link (Simple theme)
  • Added lazy and smart slide images load link (Simple theme)
  • Added image cover
  • Added banner sliders and fullscreen slider link (Simple theme banner slider) and link (Simple theme fullscreen slider)
  • Added Slim theme link (Simple theme)
  • Added 1 ready-to-use slider link (Simple theme)

25 October 2019 – Version 1.0

  • Initial release.

Notes: Images used in the livepreview are not included in the Downloaded Package.