WooCommerce Google product feed plugin generates a feed for Google merchant center, promotions, dynamic remarketing (DRM), dynamic search Ads (DSA), local products and inventory. You can generate feed in different formats such as XML, CSV, TST & TSV and include the product variations as well. You can schedule Cron Job to auto update the shopping feed for newly added products on your e-store. Map the product attribute fields based on Google policies for the country you want to display products. Associate categories with Google category attributes to display your products to the right audience.

Generate Shopping feed for:
– Google merchant center
– Google merchant promotion
– Google dynamic remarketing (DRM)
– Google dynamic search ads (DSA)
– Google local products
– Google local products Inventory
Generate feed in XML, CSV, TXT, & TSV
Schedule Cron Job on Hourly, Daily, or Twice a Day


Generate Google Merchant Promotion Feed

Generate Google merchant promotion feed to display the products in Google shopping ads.


Generate Google Dynamic Re-Marketing Feed

WooCommerce Google shopping feed let you display products to your previous website visitors in Google Ads.


Google Dynamic Search Ads Feed

Show products in Google search ads by generating Google DSA feed.


Google Local Products Feed

With WooCommerce Google shopping feed plugin, you can generate Google local product feed as well.


Generate Google Local Product Inventory Feed

WooCommerce Google merchant feed plugin helps you to generate Google local product inventory feed for merchant center.


Generates Feed in Four Formats

This plugin allows you to generate the feed in four file formats such as XML, CSV, TXT, & TSV.

XML Feed Example


Option to Include Product Variations

WooCommerce Google product feed plugin enables you to display variable products in Google shopping platform.


Cron Job to Update Products Automatically

Cron Job automatically updates new products in Google shopping center that you have added to your e-store . You can also schedule Cron Job on hourly, twice a day, or daily basis.

Associate Product Attributes with Google Merchant Fields

Map the product attribute fields with Google product IDs carefully because Google has specific rules for each country.


Map Categories Accordingly

You can map your products categories according to Google’ shopping categories as well. It helps you to display your products under the right category in Google merchant center.