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WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Manager was developed by a Canadian web development team after looking for solutions for a client project and not finding anything suitable. Despite a few other plugins existing, after buying and trying them, we found that they were bloated, had compatibility issues and generally didn’t work in the way we’d expect them to.

That’s why we created WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Manager, because we needed a solution that worked the way we’d expect WooCommerce to natively handle multiple customer addresses.

We’ve taken our custom client plugin, added some additional functionality and made it more generally usable so that any store can benefit from allowing customers to save multiple addresses in your WooCommerce store.

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Why WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses Manager?

  • “Native” address handling – we don’t screw around with how WooCommerce handles addresses or how WordPress stores post data. We simply use the existing functions to save extra addresses, and set a default.
  • Lightweight code – other plugins we used were as much as 5MB in size and included a full custom fields plugin in their files. At the time of writing, our plugin is ~35KB in size.
  • Compatibility in mind – because we use the native WooCommerce/WordPress functions, our plugin is compatible with any store that uses the standard WooCommerce address fields on their checkout page.
  • Easily Add, Edit and Delete customer billing and shipping addresses. You can manage the addresses through the default WordPress user profile page, and your customers can edit their addresses through the default My Account page – as well as at checkout.
  • You can set a maximum number of customer addresses to avoid spam.
  • Minimal CSS used – we feel we’ve used just enough CSS for your forms to look great and match your theme right out of the box, but you’re also easily able to style the forms with your own code.
  • Easy uninstall process – one thing we noticed with competitors is that on uninstall, you’d LOSE all your default addresses. Because our default addresses are also set as the user’s native WooCommerce address, if you ever decide to remove the plugin, your customers will all still have their default addresses.
  • Developed and maintained by a professional Canadian web design and development agency. WordPress plugins aren’t our core business, and we’re not going to disappear into the night. We care a lot about the quality of our code, and our customers’ opinions.


= 1.1 - 02.12.2019 =
* Layout on "My Account" page improved *

= 1.0 - September 2019 =
* Version 1.0 released *