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WooCommerce Photo Review helps you increase social proof which will lead to increase sales.

  • Send emails asking for reviews (offer coupon)
  • Allows customers posting reviews include product pictures
  • Send coupon to customers who posted a review

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REVIEWS: let customers leave beautiful reviews including product pictures with flexible settings and designs.

  • Photo review: allowing customers post review include product pictures.
  • Max picture size: set a maximum picture size that can be attached to a review.
  • Max picture quantity: set a maximum picture quantity that can be attached to a review.
  • Photos are required: select if reviews must include pictures?
  • 2 front-end style: select to display reviews on front-end as Grid or WooCommerce default.
  • Display by time: select to display newest or oldest review first on front-end.
  • Rating count: display review rating count table on front-end.
  • Review filter: allow customers to sort reviews by ratings, contain pictures, verified owners.

IMPORT ALIEXPRESS REVIEWS: Import product reviews from
AliExpress by using product URLs or SKUs.

  • Import using product links: using an Aliexpress product link to import reviews from that products to a selected WooCommerce product.
  • Import using product SKUs: the plugin will use SKU of your WooCommerce products and then search for that product in AliExpress. Then import reviews from that product to your WooCommerce product.
  • Selected Ratings: choose which review ratings will be imported All reviews, only 5-stars reviews, only 4-stars reviews, only 3-stars reviews, only 2-stars review or only 1-star reviews.
  • Included pictures: select to import only reviews that include pictures
  • Translate to English: AliExpress has a feature to translate reviews into English. This option of WooCommerce Photo Review allows you to select to import translated reviews or import original reviews.
  • Mark imported review as Verified owner: the imported reviews will be marked with a “Verified owner” badge, that means the reviews come from people who purchased.
  • Download picture: if you select the download picture option, review pictures will be download to your website database. If not, the plugin will use the AliExpress pictures (with URLs to to display review pictures.
  • Country: select a country to import only reviews from that selected country.
  • Number of reviews: select a number of reviews will be imported. A product on can have thousands of reviews and you may not want to import all of that reviews. So this option will help you to set a limit of reviews will be imported.
  • Import all: An option allows you to import all reviews for selected products in
    Dashboard/ Products. This option only works with products that have SKU same with AliExpress SKU.

REVIEW REMINDER: offering coupons to encourage customers posting reviews.

  • Review reminder email: send emails to customers who purchased products, offering them coupons to encourage them posting review
  • Products Restriction: select which products will the review reminder works.
  • Schedule reminder email: select when will the plugin send reminder emails to customers.
  • REVIEW NOW button: include a review now button with the link lead to the single product page.
  • Configure review reminder email: configure the review reminder email sending to customers using shortcode {customer_name}

COUPON FOR REVIEW: send coupon email to customers who posted reviews

  • Photos required: only reviews include photos can get a coupon.
  • Minimum rating required: set a minimum rating review can get a coupon.
  • Verified owners required: the only reviews from the verified owner can get a coupon.
  • Specified products required: only selected products review can get a coupon.
  • Auto generate unique coupon: select to send existing coupon or auto generate unique coupons.
  • Configure coupon email: configure the coupon email sending to customers using shortcode {customer_name} {coupon_code} {date_expires}


  • Automatically update: by entering your purchase code in plugin settings, you can auto-update it in your Dashboard whenever there is a new version. You can use only update automatically in support time that is working
  • Fully design: design the photo review front-end to make it compatible with your theme.


/**v1.1.1 - 2019.01.17**/
- Fixed: Warning message in version v1.1.0
- Fixed: Coupon not sent when turning on Verified owner is required
- Fixed: Bulk action Send reminder not working with unregistered customer

/**v1.1.0 - 2019.01.12**/
- Fixed: Check SSL
- Fixed: CSS
- Added: Compatible WPML & Polylang
- Added: One-time log-in review link: when customers click on button "Review now" for the first time in review reminder email, they will be logged-in if their billing email is registered to an account
- Added: Add multiple images at once in admin when editing review or adding a review
- Added: Option to display review author name as N***
- Added: Option to include/exclude products/categories on which reviews will receive coupon
- Added: Option to set unique coupon Exclude products, Included categories, Exclude categories
- Added: Exclude categories to send review reminder
- Added: Option to not send review reminder if reviews on a product do not receive coupon
- Added: Preview emails
- Added: Normal style for shortcode: [wc_photo_reviews_shortcode style="normal"]
- Added: Filter for review images name when uploading
- Updated: Only send review reminder with products in the order that the customer did not review
- Updated: How coupon is given: Option to not give coupon for emails that do not have an account; an user/email can only receive one coupon for his/her review on a product no matter how many times he/she reviews that product
- Optimized: Control image sizes: Only create custom size and remove other unwanted sizes for images uploaded when customers review, admins add/edit review in backend and images of reviews imported from AliExpress

/**v1.0.9.2 - 2018.10.18**/
- Fixed: Active purchased code
- Fixed: Some text not translated
- Fixed: Some import reviews images not downloaded
- Fixed: Product images and price in review reminder
- Added: Import reviews by country
- Added: Filter reviews by rating, product at admin panel
- Added: Admin can add reviews manually
- Added: Ajax pagination and images rotation for normal Front-end style
- Updated: Shorten unique coupon code

/**v1.0.9.1 - 2018.07.24**/
- Fixed: Disable mobile not working
- Added: RTL support
- Optimized: Filter reviews
- Added: Customizable gdpr checkbox message
- Added: Customizable verified owner text/badge

/**v1.0.9 - 2018.05.22**/
- Updated: Filter reviews
- Added: GDPR policy checkbox
- Added: Overall rating
- Updated: Class Support

/**v1.0.8.1 - 2018.05.09**/
- Added: Custom css for shortcode [wc_photo_reviews_shortcode]

/**v1.0.8 - 2018.05.08**/
- Added: Import reviews from Aliexpress

/**v1.0.7 - 2018.04.13**/
- Added: Shortcode to all reviews [wc_photo_reviews_shortcode]
- Added: Option display product summary(title, reviews, price, button add-to-cart) on mansory popup

/**v1.0.6 - 2018.03.17**/
- Fixed: Mansory popup
- Fixed: Send manual review reminder
- Optimized: Photos uploaded, reduce unnecessary photos sizes
- Added: Grid layout options: column number, grid color/background color, grid item color/bacground color, rating stars color.

/**v1.0.5 - 2018.02.08**/
- Fixed: unique coupon settings, broken grid view when there's 1 review(on firefox and microsoft edge), 'select all' check box not show on Woo order page
- Added: custom css field for Reviews

/**v1.0.4 - 2018.02.03**/
- Updated: Admin can edit review images

/**v1.0.3 - 2017.01.31**/
- Fixed: coupon settings
- Added: sort review by time(backend)
- Updated: turn each filter button 'x stars' on/off, display photos and rating in comments list in backend, edit review reminder in order page

/**v1.0.2 - 2017.01.25**/
- Added: auto update, "Review Now" button style
- Changed: Coupon expiry date

/**v1.0.1 - 2017-01-23**/
- Fixed: Email settings save
- Updated: Products restriction in review reminder

/**v1.0.0 - **/
- The first release