WP Bookmate – Super-easy, lightweight booking calendar

WP Bookmate is super-easy, super-simple, lightweight booking calendar. It is used for the purpose of booking of any property type.
The subject of booking can be an apartment, house, parking lot, tent, bicycle, motorbike, yacht, warehouse, car – anything that is usually rented overnight.

Technically speaking, the subject of booking can be any post type available in your WordPress installation, be it a built-in or custom post type created by
the third party plugin.
WP Bookmate recognizes all of them and allows you to turn them into the subject of booking.
Bookmate is attachable to any post type!

It has to be pointed out that WP Bookmate doesn’t connect to any special payment gateway. It rather generates an invoice-email so the business owner can inform clients about the preferred payment method(s).

Each and every Booking calendar instance that is attached to the booking subject works as an independent unit.
You can easily define season length per calendar, the price per day, define unlimited exceptions in price as well as the date range that these prices belong to, so it’s very flexible in that sense.

This plugin doesn’t create new database table so, performance-wise it’s very fast. It’ll work fine with both Classic and Gutenberg editor.

All of the bookings made can be updated! If your client makes up his mind, the already booked range can be adjusted subsequently. A new invoice will be generated upon any adjustment in the date range and the final price is updated accordingly.

In case you are in the rental business, WP Bookmate is definitely the most affordable, easiest to set-up-and-work-with-solution on the planet.

Plugin highlights

  • Can be attached to ANY post type
  • Supports Split-day booking
  • All year long or custom season duration
  • Unlimited price exceptions
  • Accommodation price in calendar cell
  • Settable per calendar instance
  • Attachable via the_content() or custom hook
  • Lightweight, easy to setup



WP Bookmate Splash Screen



Try before you buy – create your own demo site!

Please visit WP Bookmate demo site.

Sending notification emails regarding the demo is disabled, don’t think it’s broken. This is due to avoid potential spam sending penalties.



Tutorials can be found on YouTube!

WP Bookmate Video Tutorials




- Initial Release 1.0

-- 20.12.2019 -- v1.1
-- custom post type > custom hook option did not work unless corresponding built-in post type was not selected too